How is the training of clerks conducted?

I will come to train at your company on a pre-arranged appointment or by video conference. It is possible to agree in advance on the broader content of the training – what specifically your company would like to convey to your employees and thus prepare the training exactly according to the needs of your company. All trainings can be held in both Czech and English. 

Anyone, from the company management to the employees themselves, can contact me at any time during the year with any request regarding assistance in dealing with situations in traffic, crisis situations, e.g. traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns, etc. I also offer free legal advice on road traffic laws and the Labour Code, especially concerning the relationship between the employer (fleet operator) and the employee (driver clerk). I react immediately to any changes and amendments to the law and inform you about them immediately. 


I am happy to come to present the training free of charge at any time. 

We provide training


The training course, designed by a team of experts, is designed to train both drivers of clerks and professional drivers of motor vehicles up to 3.5 t, in an interactive way, which promotes the memorization of as much information as possible thanks to pictures and animations. You will find practical explanations, thematic legislation in the latest version. Even outside of the courses, I inform users about changes to the road traffic regulations, usually by e-mail with an explanation of the changes, and at any time the user can use the free hotline for expert advice.

We provide training

In person or by video conference

This includes both regular and initial driver training, including all associated record keeping and organisation. I keep track of deadlines for you, verify knowledge, issue certificates of training completed, keep training records. Working with me you get expert guaranteed driver training for companies, regular training updates, information when legislation changes and a hot line for expert advice for you.

Upon completion of the training, the company will receive a proof of training with all the legal documents from me.

The usual training duration is 90 minutes

Theme training

The usual length of the training is 90 minutes. The training content can be modified or supplemented.
Driver training focuses mainly on:
  • The rights and obligations of the employee (driver/officer) and the employer
  • Responsibilities of the employee and the employer
  • Point system and penalties for non-compliance with the law
  • Safe and defensive driving in a nutshell, economical driving
  • Quizzes and model road situations
  • Special regulations for business trips
  • New road traffic rules

Online training price list

Price per person
1 - 50 persons

Prices without VAT

120 CZK

51 - 100 persons

Prices without VAT

110 CZK

101 - 500 persons

Prices without VAT

100 CZK

501 - 1 000 persons

Prices without VAT

90 CZK

1 001 - 2 500 persons

Prices without VAT

80 CZK

More than 2500 persons

Prices without VAT

70 CZK


Price list for person training or video conference

Price list
1 - 5 person

Prices without VAT

350 CZK

6 - 10 person

Prices without VAT

300 CZK

11 or more person

Prices without VAT

250 CZK

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